6 ways to make sure you get the perfect picture

The following tips have been submitted by Art. He is an SEO Expert based out of Virginia Beach who loves photography. He’s been in Internet Marketing for over 3 years now and has helped me personally with designing this website.

So, without further ado, let’s start with tip#1:


  • Make sure you have the perfect lighting before you take the picture. Usually dark areas will not suite the best lighting. You can buy photography lights to get the perfect lighting for all of your photographic needs. An alternative, is to adjust the brightness of your camera before you snap a photo. You can even buy a professional flash tool camera. This provides an extra amount of light for when you are taking pictures in low light areas. If you plan ahead of time you can avoid taking pictures at night. Another option is getting a camera with low light capabilities. This will give you the best resolution for your photos taken at night.

Check your surroundings

  • Before you take your photo, check where you are. If there are a lot of people around you, watch for bystanders walking through your photo. If you are in a car, watch for cars passing by so it doesn’t create a blur in your photos. Make sure the area is still with no moving objects in the background. Pick an ideal location for a fabulous photo with no interruptions. To make sure there are no interruptions take the photo with nature behind you. Maybe a tree or flowers. This will help you a lot if you are in a high populated area.

Be prepared

  • If you’re going out to a beautiful place, make sure you bring your camera. Keep in mind that your camera should be charged to the maximum amount. Bring backup batteries if you have them available, just in case your camera dies. Another option, is to bring a portable charger with you. Plan ahead of time. Mark your calendar, or make a reminder for the perfect day. Just in case, check the weather. Make sure the conditions are good so your photo doesn’t turn out to be messy. When it’s cold outside your camera loses battery. So it’s a good idea to take your pictures when it’s the warmest outside. Planning a week ahead of time, should be enough time for your preparations.


  • For maximum quality, use accessories like a tri-pod, drone, or even another lens. This will make your picture perfect! Some accessories are expensive but it is worth it. If you really take photography seriously these items are highly recommended. You can also go to your local camera store to check out the varieties of accessories they have available in-stock. It’s a good idea to talk to a professional about what accessories are best for your camera. Sometimes, local stores such as Walmart, or K-mart, have a decent inventory at affordable pricing. A quick google search, or phone call will help you gather the needed information regarding specifications and pricing.


  • Drones are very popular. Drones are used for pictures of the sunset, the city, or even the beach. Drones are the perfect tool to get the right shot from hundreds of feet above you! This is an expensive option, but if you get the right one, It’s a fun way to get outside and get the right photo you need to show your friends. You can also use this, to take action pictures of you walking, or riding a bike. Drones usually come with a feature where it will self-orbit around you. That will definitely come in handy. This is also good if you have nobody to take full body pictures of you. When you have a drone, you can’t be close to airports so make sure you don’t fly it around air traffic control units, towers, or antennas. You will need a drone licensee. Instructions and website information, will be in the box when you get a drone. While the pricing for these licenses vary from state to state, generally speaking, they run for under $50.00.


Dress accordingly

  • If you’re doing a photo shoot with people in it, then you should dress accordingly for the type of photo and results that you want. For example, if you’re doing a family photo, it’s a good idea to have matching clothes or similar color tones. It also depends on the location, so if you’re at the beach, wear a short sleeved shirt with sandals. If you’re at an amusement park where shoes etc. This will make your photo look organized to perfection. It creates a balanced look with a pattern throughout the photo. I highly recommend this idea for the perfect occasion. Most importantly, while the above ideas are useful and will help you create a beautiful picture, don’t take it too seriously! The bottom line, is have fun with a little bit of coordination. Different shades of color should work just as well. So, sit back, relax, and snap!