How travel has affected my life in positive ways

This one is from my sister and she believes that the best gift for anyone would be a vacation or a getaway.


My name at birth was Anabelle Jaramillo. I was brought into this world on the 21st day of January of the year 1984, in the beautiful and jazzy filled city, of New Orleans. According to what I have read, it was a cold but beautiful sunny Thursday in the state of Louisiana. Ronald Reagan was president then.

How I came about

I was the third child born to Maria Carolina Velez and Jorge Ivan Jaramillo; however, I did not get to meet my brother Adrian who had passed away shortly before my birth from heart complications, or so they say.  My sister Marcela Maria, the eldest of the three, was then two years old and living in Colombia, South America. I had the privilege of reuniting with her and my father at 6 months of age. It was the last time; I saw my mother.

Growing up in Colombia

Growing up in South America was one of the most interesting events of my life. A rich and beautiful country, Colombia is surrounded by unexploited terrain and its potential hindered by the hands of drug lords. The Colombian Cartel ran the country during most of the 80’s and 90’s. A power struggle existed between the federal government and other violent organizations for control. It seemed like a never ending battle where strikes of violence, haunted the streets day and night.

Despite the undergoing horrors; Colombia, had a lot to offer me. Growing up in a Country where family values are the foundation of love, allowed me to develop a deeper sympathy for people and humanity in general. It was in the city of Medellin, where I completed my high school studies and developed an interest for computers and medicine.

I had the opportunity, of attending a Catholic School for girls throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Spirituality, was always a big part of my life, and was instilled even more during my school years. Colombia in itself, is a country with high predominance of the Catholic religion. As a matter of fact, most of South America is the same way. Perhaps, that’s another reason why values and morals are so important to many people in the Hispanic community.

The socio-economic situation continued to decline, making growth opportunities, difficult to accomplish. It was shortly after graduating high school, when I decided to join the United States Army and consequently, return to the promising land of America.  Four years later, I had received proper education to get started into the medical field in the civilian world. I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and later furthered my studies into trauma, emergency medicine and tactical medicine.

Having had the opportunity to apply what I had learned growing up, with what I learned in school, was the perfect combination for humanitarian work. I always felt that the medical field, allowed me the opportunity of giving back to the community, while making a living.

Where I am now

Always being curious with computers, along with my natural talent to navigate around cyber-world, I decided to create my own web-site firm in 2008, and have maintained it ever since. I’ve had the chance of developing work for State, profit, non-profit, government, and private organizations. It was not until 2015, when I decided to move forward with formally educating myself on the subject and became a proud student of a regionally accredited university, where I plan to graduate from in the year 2018. Furthermore, I have decided to specialize in software programming with a concentration in security assurance.

Last but not least, my true legacy to this world are my children Aiden, Yesenia, Antony & Edward, with whom I continue to instill the importance of a loving foundation in our relationship and those towards others. That is indeed, what we will be remembered for and what truly allows us to evolve in a more powerful, spiritual way.

Having had the opportunity to travel around the world and grow up in a foreign country, makes me unique in many different ways. Being able to observe different lifestyles, traditions, and cultural settings, has opened my mind in ways that I never thought possible. Sharing with families from different backgrounds, has allowed me the chance to learn and share. Furthermore, the exposure to communities and people who are less fortunate than me, serves as a reminder and value of the greatness of God and of the miracle of life.

I plan on providing my children the opportunity of travelling with me to my country, so that they too have the chance to observe the different cultural background, and régime that others are exposed to. It is only through serving, and dedication that we are able to pay it forward, and live a dignified life with others and with our Creator.