Story Of My Life

I lost my job as the marketing and compliance manager for a local company in mid April 2106 because my employer did not think that it was “Christian-like” to get a divorce therefore I was unworthy of continuing employment with their company.

This company happens to be a part of the committee for my University and somehow they found it appropriate to damage my image with the higher ranking people they know at my School. On a farther note, personal details of my life were released to school staff along with the slandering of my character with false allegations regarding my morale and ability. This created a tense environment and a feeling of disappointment and embarrassment with some of my faculty members.

Furthermore, as if dealing with loss of income and potentially a withdrawal from school wasn’t enough, I was told in writing, by my previous employers, that one of the key persons in my education, had contributed to my firing process by blocking my work accounts and email. When I received news of this, I was devastated to learn that someone whom I looked up so much to and who was so important to my education, had participated in such acts and in such a hypocritical manner. Above all I felt that my rights as a student were violated and that by doing so, an enormous threat to conflict of interest had arisen and had made the idea of dropping out of school, more likely to happen. I considered going thru several chains to alleviate this manner in a structured-legal way, however one of the higher ups of my campus has been friends with my previous employers for over eight years and I knew this shot my chance at seeking remedy. As a result of the above and because this happened towards the end of Quarter 2, I decided to take online courses until I was able to find a more suitable school.

I registered for classes and received an approval confirmation from my advisor to later find out on week one that my courses disappeared from the system. Numerous amounts of email communication exchange took place where I respectfully expressed my dissatisfaction with the school and requested that I be assigned a different advisor. Upon several requests, I agreed to meet with my advisor to discuss all of my concerns and the reasons for my disappointment towards the school. When I evaluated whether I should go to the meeting or not, I weighed the consequences of doing so vs not doing so and decided to go with the option that had the greater amount of potential positive consequences. These were the results:

Not going to meeting: Positive Consequences

  1. I would not have to face a person of whom I was disappointed at.
  2. I would not have to feel embarrassed by going on campus and running into people who didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt.
  3. I would be able to take my children to a pizza party that was going to be held at the same time that my meeting was supposed to take place.

Going to meeting: Positive Consequences

  1. I would have the opportunity to express my feelings regarding of the outcome.
  2. I would allow my advisor the opportunity to refute my concerns in the event he had valid reasons to do so.
  3. I would allow opportunity for clarification and re-vindication.
  4. I missed my school a lot and would have the chance to walk thru the campus again and seeing people that I love.
  5. I would be able to sort out the situation with my text books as the mix up with the registrar created problems with my ability to obtain books on time.
  6. I would have my books and be able to use them for further assignments and to attempt to improve my previous journal assignment grade.
  7. I would be able to sort scheduling conflicts, with the registrar.

Upon weighing both options, I decided to go with the option that had the potential of bringing in more positive consequences. Going to that meeting was one of the most positive and productive acts that I have done in an attempt to clarify matters with school, in an attempt to getting better with my depression and a very important step to starting to get my life back on track.

The results of the meeting were very pleasant and many things were clarified. The written notice that I received from my previous employer, was a complete false accusation and my advisor was not aware of it nor participated in such act. I also had the opportunity to speak with other staff members and all seamed very pleased to see me back and happy. I apologized to my superior for holding that against him without asking him first and for letting my feelings take over facts. I also asked if he could be my advisor again and he agreed. As it stands, I am looking forward to continuing and furthering my education. In a way, the positive consequences not only resulted for me but also for some of the staff members and for my family.