6 ways to make sure you get the perfect picture

The following tips have been submitted by Art. He is an SEO Expert based out of Virginia Beach who loves photography. He’s been in Internet Marketing for over 3 years now and has helped me personally with designing this website.

So, without further ado, let’s start with tip#1:


  • Make sure you have the perfect lighting before you take the picture. Usually dark areas will not suite the best lighting. You can buy photography lights to get the perfect lighting for all of your photographic needs. An alternative, is to adjust the brightness of your camera before you snap a photo. You can even buy a professional flash tool camera. This provides an extra amount of light for when you are taking pictures in low light areas. If you plan ahead of time you can avoid taking pictures at night. Another option is getting a camera with low light capabilities. This will give you the best resolution for your photos taken at night.

Check your surroundings

  • Before you take your photo, check where you are. If there are a lot of people around you, watch for bystanders walking through your photo. If you are in a car, watch for cars passing by so it doesn’t create a blur in your photos. Make sure the area is still with no moving objects in the background. Pick an ideal location for a fabulous photo with no interruptions. To make sure there are no interruptions take the photo with nature behind you. Maybe a tree or flowers. This will help you a lot if you are in a high populated area.

Be prepared

  • If you’re going out to a beautiful place, make sure you bring your camera. Keep in mind that your camera should be charged to the maximum amount. Bring backup batteries if you have them available, just in case your camera dies. Another option, is to bring a portable charger with you. Plan ahead of time. Mark your calendar, or make a reminder for the perfect day. Just in case, check the weather. Make sure the conditions are good so your photo doesn’t turn out to be messy. When it’s cold outside your camera loses battery. So it’s a good idea to take your pictures when it’s the warmest outside. Planning a week ahead of time, should be enough time for your preparations.


  • For maximum quality, use accessories like a tri-pod, drone, or even another lens. This will make your picture perfect! Some accessories are expensive but it is worth it. If you really take photography seriously these items are highly recommended. You can also go to your local camera store to check out the varieties of accessories they have available in-stock. It’s a good idea to talk to a professional about what accessories are best for your camera. Sometimes, local stores such as Walmart, or K-mart, have a decent inventory at affordable pricing. A quick google search, or phone call will help you gather the needed information regarding specifications and pricing.


  • Drones are very popular. Drones are used for pictures of the sunset, the city, or even the beach. Drones are the perfect tool to get the right shot from hundreds of feet above you! This is an expensive option, but if you get the right one, It’s a fun way to get outside and get the right photo you need to show your friends. You can also use this, to take action pictures of you walking, or riding a bike. Drones usually come with a feature where it will self-orbit around you. That will definitely come in handy. This is also good if you have nobody to take full body pictures of you. When you have a drone, you can’t be close to airports so make sure you don’t fly it around air traffic control units, towers, or antennas. You will need a drone licensee. Instructions and website information, will be in the box when you get a drone. While the pricing for these licenses vary from state to state, generally speaking, they run for under $50.00.


Dress accordingly

  • If you’re doing a photo shoot with people in it, then you should dress accordingly for the type of photo and results that you want. For example, if you’re doing a family photo, it’s a good idea to have matching clothes or similar color tones. It also depends on the location, so if you’re at the beach, wear a short sleeved shirt with sandals. If you’re at an amusement park where shoes etc. This will make your photo look organized to perfection. It creates a balanced look with a pattern throughout the photo. I highly recommend this idea for the perfect occasion. Most importantly, while the above ideas are useful and will help you create a beautiful picture, don’t take it too seriously! The bottom line, is have fun with a little bit of coordination. Different shades of color should work just as well. So, sit back, relax, and snap!

How travel has affected my life in positive ways

This one is from my sister and she believes that the best gift for anyone would be a vacation or a getaway.


My name at birth was Anabelle Jaramillo. I was brought into this world on the 21st day of January of the year 1984, in the beautiful and jazzy filled city, of New Orleans. According to what I have read, it was a cold but beautiful sunny Thursday in the state of Louisiana. Ronald Reagan was president then.

How I came about

I was the third child born to Maria Carolina Velez and Jorge Ivan Jaramillo; however, I did not get to meet my brother Adrian who had passed away shortly before my birth from heart complications, or so they say.  My sister Marcela Maria, the eldest of the three, was then two years old and living in Colombia, South America. I had the privilege of reuniting with her and my father at 6 months of age. It was the last time; I saw my mother.

Growing up in Colombia

Growing up in South America was one of the most interesting events of my life. A rich and beautiful country, Colombia is surrounded by unexploited terrain and its potential hindered by the hands of drug lords. The Colombian Cartel ran the country during most of the 80’s and 90’s. A power struggle existed between the federal government and other violent organizations for control. It seemed like a never ending battle where strikes of violence, haunted the streets day and night.

Despite the undergoing horrors; Colombia, had a lot to offer me. Growing up in a Country where family values are the foundation of love, allowed me to develop a deeper sympathy for people and humanity in general. It was in the city of Medellin, where I completed my high school studies and developed an interest for computers and medicine.

I had the opportunity, of attending a Catholic School for girls throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Spirituality, was always a big part of my life, and was instilled even more during my school years. Colombia in itself, is a country with high predominance of the Catholic religion. As a matter of fact, most of South America is the same way. Perhaps, that’s another reason why values and morals are so important to many people in the Hispanic community.

The socio-economic situation continued to decline, making growth opportunities, difficult to accomplish. It was shortly after graduating high school, when I decided to join the United States Army and consequently, return to the promising land of America.  Four years later, I had received proper education to get started into the medical field in the civilian world. I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and later furthered my studies into trauma, emergency medicine and tactical medicine.

Having had the opportunity to apply what I had learned growing up, with what I learned in school, was the perfect combination for humanitarian work. I always felt that the medical field, allowed me the opportunity of giving back to the community, while making a living.

Where I am now

Always being curious with computers, along with my natural talent to navigate around cyber-world, I decided to create my own web-site firm in 2008, and have maintained it ever since. I’ve had the chance of developing work for State, profit, non-profit, government, and private organizations. It was not until 2015, when I decided to move forward with formally educating myself on the subject and became a proud student of a regionally accredited university, where I plan to graduate from in the year 2018. Furthermore, I have decided to specialize in software programming with a concentration in security assurance.

Last but not least, my true legacy to this world are my children Aiden, Yesenia, Antony & Edward, with whom I continue to instill the importance of a loving foundation in our relationship and those towards others. That is indeed, what we will be remembered for and what truly allows us to evolve in a more powerful, spiritual way.

Having had the opportunity to travel around the world and grow up in a foreign country, makes me unique in many different ways. Being able to observe different lifestyles, traditions, and cultural settings, has opened my mind in ways that I never thought possible. Sharing with families from different backgrounds, has allowed me the chance to learn and share. Furthermore, the exposure to communities and people who are less fortunate than me, serves as a reminder and value of the greatness of God and of the miracle of life.

I plan on providing my children the opportunity of travelling with me to my country, so that they too have the chance to observe the different cultural background, and régime that others are exposed to. It is only through serving, and dedication that we are able to pay it forward, and live a dignified life with others and with our Creator.

Hardship and Friends

While normally, I feel that I am on point and on target with projects and life, this past year has been a complete turn around for me.

There have been a series of unchained events that begun late December, of which I feel have affected me greatly and have impacted my balance thus shifting and drifting my family apart, my personal relationships, my career goals and my stability in every single possible way. At this point in my life, while trying to recuperate from the consequences of the aforementioned chain of events, I feel as if I am struggling to find myself again. I feel I forgot who I am (was), and I am having a difficult time finding and recognizing my personal values. My battle with depression continues to be an uphill struggle and while I am taking steps to recover, this process at times looks impossible to me.

Prior to late 2015, I felt that I was an excellent example to those around me, including my children. People would look up to me at school, friends would reach out for an educated word of advice and life smiled in general.  I have always placed emphasis on the value of being humble. I used to make it a point to do random acts of kindness and to share what I lacked with those who were in a difficult situation as well. Today as I stand, I feel as if I have almost forgotten that part of me and there is a deep desire to having that back along with my very own personal values.

I grew up in a Catholic family environment and I was raised with very strict standards to adhere to. My family is originally from Colombia, South America, it is mainly composed of two sisters, and my parents. My grandmother who raised me, passed away last year on June 3rd. I did not have the privilege of getting to know my birth mother nor of meeting my oldest but now deceased brother Adrian.

While childhood was difficult and harsh, I have always had a great sense of respect for my parents. I consider them followers of ethical absolutism although lately I have felt that to be more the case for my father than my mother. My father remarried when I was very young, and his wife (whom I call mother), has been a perfect example of a good woman, mother and friend to me.

While I do not agree with absolutism, I do feel that many of the morals that my family adheres to, are reasonable, true and exemplary, however I feel like those same values are only applied when they feel they should be applied. For example, my family has always been very big on respect. They live by the motto: “do unto others as you wish others to do unto you.” A couple of months back, I received a phone call from my father. During the phone call, my father was extremely upset and rather than allowing me the opportunity to share my visions and reasons for the situation happening at the time; I felt as he judged and attacked me with words and criticism. Above all, I was shocked by a particular comment that felt like a stab to the heart. In this case, I did not feel like the respect moral, was applied within the parameters of ethical absolutism.

they may have unknowingly made when raising me. This was a process that took many years to develop and it entailed a lot of praying, counseling and forgiving. Although I feel that my father in particular continues to be unfair at times, my love for him continues to grow and I am hopeful that one day he will be able to let go of the emotional burdens and remorse’s that he continues to experience with me in particular.

While I find it impossible to understand 100% of someone’s life, I do feel that are several major impacting factors, that can greatly influence the standpoint of each individual. Understanding all of those intrinsic things, allow us to understand why people are unique and what makes them different, thus eliciting a better understanding for how certain individuals perceive life and “where they’re coming from.” Understanding where people are coming from, opens up many doors when crossing or interacting with a person. Some of the benefits of understanding another persons’ perspective are:

  • Elicits better communication and relationships
  • Elicits better relationships
  • Reduces the possibility of conflict
  • Improves listening and empathy skills
  • Trust is more likely to be gained
  • Broadening our own perspective
  • Achieving a more ethical pluralism and relativism approach
  • Evaluating our own perspective and moral standing

I also wanted to mention someone special who has helped me greatly throughout all of the last year’s struggles. Shawn with Richmond Limo Service has been my mentor and a father like figure for years. It was his idea to create this blog and he helped me get it off the ground.

I want to thank him and everyone reading this blog. I truly appreciate all of you guys.


Story Of My Life

I lost my job as the marketing and compliance manager for a local company in mid April 2106 because my employer did not think that it was “Christian-like” to get a divorce therefore I was unworthy of continuing employment with their company.

This company happens to be a part of the committee for my University and somehow they found it appropriate to damage my image with the higher ranking people they know at my School. On a farther note, personal details of my life were released to school staff along with the slandering of my character with false allegations regarding my morale and ability. This created a tense environment and a feeling of disappointment and embarrassment with some of my faculty members.

Furthermore, as if dealing with loss of income and potentially a withdrawal from school wasn’t enough, I was told in writing, by my previous employers, that one of the key persons in my education, had contributed to my firing process by blocking my work accounts and email. When I received news of this, I was devastated to learn that someone whom I looked up so much to and who was so important to my education, had participated in such acts and in such a hypocritical manner. Above all I felt that my rights as a student were violated and that by doing so, an enormous threat to conflict of interest had arisen and had made the idea of dropping out of school, more likely to happen. I considered going thru several chains to alleviate this manner in a structured-legal way, however one of the higher ups of my campus has been friends with my previous employers for over eight years and I knew this shot my chance at seeking remedy. As a result of the above and because this happened towards the end of Quarter 2, I decided to take online courses until I was able to find a more suitable school.

I registered for classes and received an approval confirmation from my advisor to later find out on week one that my courses disappeared from the system. Numerous amounts of email communication exchange took place where I respectfully expressed my dissatisfaction with the school and requested that I be assigned a different advisor. Upon several requests, I agreed to meet with my advisor to discuss all of my concerns and the reasons for my disappointment towards the school. When I evaluated whether I should go to the meeting or not, I weighed the consequences of doing so vs not doing so and decided to go with the option that had the greater amount of potential positive consequences. These were the results:

Not going to meeting: Positive Consequences

  1. I would not have to face a person of whom I was disappointed at.
  2. I would not have to feel embarrassed by going on campus and running into people who didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt.
  3. I would be able to take my children to a pizza party that was going to be held at the same time that my meeting was supposed to take place.

Going to meeting: Positive Consequences

  1. I would have the opportunity to express my feelings regarding of the outcome.
  2. I would allow my advisor the opportunity to refute my concerns in the event he had valid reasons to do so.
  3. I would allow opportunity for clarification and re-vindication.
  4. I missed my school a lot and would have the chance to walk thru the campus again and seeing people that I love.
  5. I would be able to sort out the situation with my text books as the mix up with the registrar created problems with my ability to obtain books on time.
  6. I would have my books and be able to use them for further assignments and to attempt to improve my previous journal assignment grade.
  7. I would be able to sort scheduling conflicts, with the registrar.

Upon weighing both options, I decided to go with the option that had the potential of bringing in more positive consequences. Going to that meeting was one of the most positive and productive acts that I have done in an attempt to clarify matters with school, in an attempt to getting better with my depression and a very important step to starting to get my life back on track.

The results of the meeting were very pleasant and many things were clarified. The written notice that I received from my previous employer, was a complete false accusation and my advisor was not aware of it nor participated in such act. I also had the opportunity to speak with other staff members and all seamed very pleased to see me back and happy. I apologized to my superior for holding that against him without asking him first and for letting my feelings take over facts. I also asked if he could be my advisor again and he agreed. As it stands, I am looking forward to continuing and furthering my education. In a way, the positive consequences not only resulted for me but also for some of the staff members and for my family.